Workshop 1: The Conduct and Evaluation of Qualitative Research (Prof Myers)

Workshop Program

13 November 2011
Qualitative Research Association

Dr Michael D. Myers
Professor of Information Systems
University of Auckland Business School
New Zealand
Tel: +649 9237468

In this workshop Professor Myers will discuss the conduct and evaluation of qualitative research. He will review various qualitative research methods and ways of analyzing qualitative data. He will also spend some time discussing the challenges of writing up qualitative research work for academic journals. During the workshop there will be plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion. Everyone will be expected to participate in practical exercises.

Pre-workshop required reading:
Myers, M.D. "Qualitative Research in Information Systems," AISWorld Section on Qualitative Research, accessible at

Pre-workshop recommended reading (optional):

Klein, H.K., and Myers, M.D. "A Set of Principles for Conducting and Evaluating Interpretive Field Studies in Information Systems," MIS Quarterly (23:1) 1999, pp. 67-93. (Download)

Myers, M.D. 2009. Qualitative Research in Business & Management. London, Sage Publications (order from