About Us

QRAM was officially registered on 4th September 2002 with the Registrar of Societies under Section 7 of the 1966 Securities Act.

The three earthy and natural colours of QRAM's logo - Blue, Matte Gold and Copper - reflect the approach in qualitative research that is friendly and naturalistic. It is about real-life contexts that deals with people and places as well as multiple realities .

The Two Evolving Circles symbolise growth and development that are both integrated and not isolated.

"Q" stands for Qualitative Research that is a holistic and integrated approach.
"R" stands for Research that is willing to explore beyond the qualitative and remain open to new ideas and ventures.

Contact Us :

c/o Institut Kepimpinan Pendidikan,
Aras 18 Wisma R & D, Universiti Malaya,
Jln Pantai Baru 59700 Kuala Lumpur

For further information, please email us at: